Structure Validation - Solvation Preference
This server computes the solvation profile for a protein structure. This is useful when assessing the quality of a homology model or an existing PDB structure used in homology modelling. Solvation preference is a measure of solvent accessibility for each residue within a protein; a well-packed structure should have an overall solvation preference below zero. Generally, the more negative this figure is, the better the model. A solvation profile graph is returned for each chain/model, and the raw data are also downloadable.
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  • This server takes as input the atomic coordinates of a protein structure. Your file need only contain ATOM/HETATM entries, although full PDB format files are fine.
  • However, if your file contains more than one chain or structure, TER lines should be used to terminate and thereby separate each of these.
  • If your structure file contains a large number of chains, you are advised to remove all but the first chain. Alternatively, use the «first chain only» option above.
  • For each chain, a graph is returned displaying the solvation profile residue-by-residue, plus an averaged profile over a sliding window of size 11 residues. The total solvation preference for the structure is also returned.