Version 2.0 is now ready and in usage. Previous version of the Tracker used Promoterwise (part of the program package wise2.4.alpha created by Ewan Birney) for creating pairwise alignments between query sequence and homologous sequence of each species.

Now the Promoterwise program has been replaced by program MLAGAN which does a multiple global alignment between each group of homologous sequences. MLAGAN is part of LAGAN Toolkit (Limited Area Global Alignment of Nucleotides) v2.0, which was developed by Michael Brudno, Chuong Do, Sanket Malde, Michael F Kim and Serafim Batzoglou of the Dept of Computer Science at Stanford University, with assistance from many other people. See http://lagan.stanford.edu or contact lagan@cs.stanford.edu for more information.

Before 20.02.2006
The updates page was launched.

This tool was developed by Matti Kankainen and Päivi Rosenström, University of Helsinki
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