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Blannotator is a rapid tool for functional prediction of gene or proteins sequences. The tool accepts DNA or protein sequences, given in FASTA-format, and performs a Blast homology search against SwissProt, Trembl or UniProt databases. Matching sequences with similar annotations are then merged into families of similar descriptions, which are, in turn, further unified, based on assigned GO-profiles retrieved from GOA, into sets of functionally equivalent sequences. The most representative functional description is selected by measuring the level of homology of the matches and frequency of different words in the description lines of the matches within the clusters. As a result, a reliable description will be obtained.

The download package for Unix.

Sample output of the proteome from the analysis of Lactobacillus casei strain BL23. Please note that these web-pages are large in size and that it can take a while to open them.

This tool was developed by Matti Kankainen, University of Helsinki
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