PANNZER (Protein ANNotation with Z-scoRE) is a fully automated service for functional annotation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins of unknown function. The tool is designed to predict the functional description (DE), EC numbers and GO classes.

PANNZER2 and web server are now available!! Go to the PANNZER2 web site for more information!

The stand-alone version is now available!! Go to the download page for more information!

PANNZER was selected as the third best method in Critical Assessment of (protein) Function Annotation (CAFA 2011) challenge. Read more here.

PANNZER poster (in F1000 database) can be found here.

The PANNZER program is now published, please find the paper here

List of genome sequencing projects that use the PANNZER in functional annotation:
-Pectobacterium wasabiae SCC3193 (publication)
-Dickeya solani (publication)
-Melitaea cinxia (Glanville fritillary butterfly) (publication)
-Pusa hispida saimensis (Saimaa ringed seal) [unpublished]
-Betula pendula (Silver birch) [unpublished]
-Various bacterial genomes (e.g. Staphylococcus chromogenes, Pectobacterium carotovorum, Lactobacillus oligofermentans 22743, Lactococcus piscium MKFS47, Leuconostoc gasicomitatum KG1-16, ...) [unpublished]

List of transcriptome sequencing projects that use the PANNZER in functional annotation:
-Podosphaera plantaginis (publication)
-Taphrina betulina [unpublished]
-Malagasy dung beetles (multiple species) [unpublished]
-Penicillium (multiple species) [unpublished]
-Gerbera [unpublished]
-Conium [unpublished]
-Pinus sylvestris [unpublished]
-Actinodium [unpublished]
-Hydrangea [unpublished]
-Viburnum [unpublished]

If you have any questions about the PANNZER program, please do not hesitate to ask: patrik.koskinen(at)


PANNZER functional annotation server