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The Global Trace Graph (GTG) is a pruned, all-against-all alignment graph of a non-redundant representative set of all known protein sequences. In this server, the concept of transitive alignment is used to trace paths through the graph between your query protein and putative homologues via sets of intermediate neighbours. If any of these homologues represent PDB structures, then folds can be assigned to your query protein. You can view alignments between your query sequence and up to 50 best homologues, and will also be given a set of links to various databases where you can view information about each homologue.
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SCOP: 1.71 | PDB: 13/02/2007 | Pfam-A: v21 | PairsDB: v2
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You may like to use the ADDA interface to search for your protein sequence if you have no luck here. ADDA always uses the most current version of PairsDB, whereas the GTG may be based on an older version.
The sequence should be in plain (raw) or fasta format. Whitespace and any numbers are okay as they will be stripped out.
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