Information resources for Group members
This is site for internal usage which contains links to different wiki sites which contain information valuable for group members. If you need a new wikisite which is specic to your own project please contact Päivi. Please note that in some cases the system asks your user name and password. Use your helsinki university username and password. Any questions, ask me.
General Tips
Link to wiki site which contain tips for different problem situations. Contains also information about new interesting publications.
Issues concerning our ZOPE
Link to wiki site from which you can search answers to the questions related to ZOPE
Issues concerning programs developed in Holm Group
Link to wiki site from which you can search answers to the questions concerning ADDA, GTG and PairsDB
Programming languages related discussions
Link to wiki site which contain information related to perl, python and C++ libraries. Contains also tips associated with Unix and mysql
Technical details about our machines
Link to wiki site which contains technical information about our machines ekhidna, gaia, hyperion and iapetus. Contains also information about which folders to use for creating your home directory, installing your programs and so on
Information exchage area to work with collaborators
Link to wiki site which is meant to store and exchange information with international and Finnish collaborators.
In addition:
Unix wiki
Link to BI's Unix wiki. It contains useful information from AFS and other systems in usage in BI. It also contains group spesific information about backup policies and about our machines which should be known both by us and the BI computer support. Note! This wiki is accessible only from Helsinki University network! Use ZOPE account instead of University account!
Interesting information from international meetings
Link to page where interesting information about international meetings are being copied including posters, proceedings and so on.