Dali structural neighbours
The Dali Database is based on all-against-all 3D structure comparison of protein structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The structural neighbourhoods and alignments are automatically maintained and regularly updated using the Dali search engine.
  • Please note that PDB structures released after the last update will not be in the database! If you wish to find structural neighbours of these proteins, you are advised to submit the structure to the Dali Server instead.
  • If you want to superimpose two particular structures, you can do it in the pairwise DaliLite server.
* Last Update: 7 March 2011
Update frequency: twice a year
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Dali Database entries are retrieved on demand, and formatting the results page may take up to one minute. Return visits to an existing results page are much faster.
Structural neighbours of 1tu9, a globin-like protein in bacteria. Tutorial
Holm L, Rosenström P (2010) Dali server: conservation mapping in 3D. Nucl. Acids Res. 38, W545-549.